Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Picture-nary Felt Block: Ideas

i got stuck at doing the cartoon picture-nary felt block. stuck doing thomas actually. it is so hard tat i simply ditch thomas and started doing the animals block.

ive finished 4 side of blocks
1. whale
2. snail
3. sea horse
4. turtle

then i got stuck again, absolutely no idea for another 2 animals. butterfly and swan maybe?

and i went back doing the cartoons. elmo to be precise. so far, for cartoons, ive completed
1. mickey mouse
2. minnie mouse
3. bart simpson
4. elmo
5. garfield
6. thomas (halfway sewn)

while rearranging them, i find it odd to put them together, and then it struck me, why dont i do them separately.

like for disney character:
1. mickey (done!)
2. minnie (done!)
3. goofy
4. donald
5. daisy
6. pluto

and sesame street character:
1. elmo (done!)
2. cookie monster (done!)
3. oscar (done!)
4. big bird
5. ernie (done!)
6. bert (done!)

on 2nd thought, i dont want to bother doing big bird but instead having the Sesame Street Logo.

for the simpson family:
1. bart
2. lisa
3. homer
4. marge
5. maggie
6. felt character saying the simpsons family!

that made better sense right? so, instead of 1 cartoon block, we have 3!

and for garfield, i wanted to convert it to keychain. 

picture coming right up

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