Thursday, April 19, 2012

Picture-nary Felt Block

ive run out of ideas. ive completed the ABC, 123 and Aliff Ba Ta felt Projects, what's next?

i mean, yes, there are lots and lots of ideas to tryout, but most of them are for girls. and im expecting a boy. so no flower brooch, or headbands. 


and, sadly, no dollhouse. owh, i would love to do the dollhouse.

i was thinking of doing ABC Book or Silent Book when suddenly it hits me, why dont i do Blocks? let say, alphabets blocks like this?

after cutting 6 square, i found out that to do ABC felt blog requires lots and lots of felt in which, mine is running low. we have 26 alphabets hence, 26x6= 156 squares! wohaaaa!

being the cheapskate that i am, i changed my mind and decided to have Picture-nary felt block instead.

and i listed what kind of picture blocks i wanted to do.

  1. Vehicles Block - scooter, school bus, car, yatch, airplane, train. (finished already! yeaaa!)
  2. Fruits Block - apple, strawberry, grapes, orange, watermelon, banana (finished already! yeaaa!)
  3. Cartoon Block - Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Garfield, Thomas, Elmo, Smurf. (halfway finished as i run out of red color felt to do elmo. )
  4. Animals Block - Dolphin, turtle, bird, panda, owl, elephant. (not yet started)
owh, here's the sneak peak of the Picture-nary Felt Block

 top: Vehicle Felt Block
bottom: Fruits Felt Block

nice eh?

owh btw, the design for the fruits, vehicles, cartoons and animals are being inspired by google.
how easy to have google image at your fingertips eh?

i shall share more about the picture-nary Felt Blocks in my next entry.


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