Sunday, April 15, 2012

Aliff Ba Ta Felt Project

ive finally completed both ABC and 123 Felt Projects when my husband said,

"why dont you do the Aliff Ba Ta alphabets? (arabic alphabets)"

owh, i didnt think of that. but then, he was right, i should have aliff ba ta as well.

the only problem is tat, i have no arabic keyboard and i sucks at khat. so i started googling around to get the better view of Aliff Ba Ta khat.

since i do sucks at khat, most of the tracing part was done by my husband (tho i admit, i did alter his khat afterwards)

 the first set of cut aliff ba ta. mind the aliff, yes i know it did not look like aliff at all, this is because it is upside down. owh, scroll down and see the next picture, then you'll get what i mean.

 this is how aliff should be placed so that it will look aliff. hoho. again mind the quality of the picture.

the complete set of aliff ba ta!


lets moved to another project.

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