Saturday, April 14, 2012

123 Felt Project: How to?

since ive finished with the ABC felt project, i started to have 123 Felt Project.

since there are only 10 letters, i finished them in 1 week time! weee!

owh, mind the picture, it was taken using my handphone. hence the quality. 

and no, they are the same size but again, due to the angle of the handphone, it looks like 5-9 are slightly bigger compared to 0-4.

again it is so simple like the ABC project.

here's the how to:

step 1: 
print the letters. i used font: chery liney, but u could use Black Oak Std or any other font you like. the size of the font that i choose: 360. (again, its up to you. if your child is big enough and did not have the tendency of putting it in his mouth, u could opt for smaller font.)

step 2: 
cut the printed alphabets and trace it onto the felt. each letter should have 2 felt (front and back).

step 3:
cut the traced felt.

step 4:
sew the front and back of the traced and cut felt and leave so opening for the fiber to be inserted.

step 5:
insert the fiber and sew the opening.
 and you are done!


this letters can be made it into a keychain


a handphone strap


hang it like this over your baby's crib (source) or at the nursery

so we have finished both ABC and 123 Projects, let move to Alif Ba Ta Felt Project!

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