Friday, April 13, 2012

ABC Felt Project: How To?

remember my previous entry? ABC Felt?

ok, here's how to do it.

it is so easy like ABC.


step 1: 
print the ABC alphabet. i used font: chery liney, but u could use Black Oak Std or any other font you like. the size of the font that i choose: 360. (again, its up to you. if your child is big enough and did not have the tendency of putting it in his mouth, u could opt for smaller font.)

step 2: 
cut the printed alphabets and trace it onto the felt. each alphabet should have 2 felt (front and back).

step 3:
cut the traced felt.
step 4:
sew the front and back of the traced and cut felt and leave so opening for the fiber to be inserted.

step 5:
insert the fiber and sew the opening. and you are done!

here's the completed ABC!

as easy as ABC!

u can make it into a keychain - simply hook a keychain ring at the top of the alphabet


a handphone strap by hooking the strap, again at the top of the alphabet,


hang it like this over your baby's crib (source) or at the nursery

cool eh?

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